Panasonic 24,000 BTU 16 SEER Pro Series Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump 208-230V

Panasonic 24,000 BTU 16 SEER Pro Series Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Powered by Frooition Hot Deals Ductless Mini Split Ductless Mini Split Line Sets AccessoriesMini Split Filters All Items Find In Our eBay Store For More Great Products >> Shop CategoriesFree DealsMitsubishi Mini SplitNine Free Mini SplitsMulti Zone Systems2 Zones3 Zones4 Zones5 ZonesSingle Zones

Panasonic 24,000 BTU 16 SEER Pro Series Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Powered by Frooition Hot Deals Ductless Mini Split Ductless Mini Split Line Sets AccessoriesMini Split Filters All Items Find In Our eBay Store For More Great Products >> Shop CategoriesFree DealsMitsubishi Mini SplitNine Free Mini SplitsMulti Zone Systems2 Zones3 Zones4 Zones5 ZonesSingle Zones SystemsGrievesPanasonicBorealDuctless Mini Split Line SetsPTAC Air ConditionersPPTAC UnitsPTAC AccessoriesAccessoriesMini Split FiltersGriebe Filters Panasonic 24,000 BTU 16 SEER Pro Series Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump 208-230V Item Description System Includes: Outdoor Condenser Model: CU-RE24SKUA Indoor Wall Model: CS-RE24SKUA Wireless Remote Control Required, but not included: 1/4 “x 5 / 8 “Line Set The new RE Pro RE24SKUA is the perfect solution for homeowners, builders and contractors looking for a system that offers years of energy efficient heating and cooling in a compact enclosure. It combines heating and cooling in a system that fits in small spaces. Not only was the system designed with precision in mind, Panasonic also developed the all-in-one combination system to minimize burner settings and channel cleaning. In addition, there is no need to destroy a ceiling or cut holes in the floor to seamlessly install the RE Pro in every home. Inverter Technology – Panasonic Inverter technology provides optimum power control and highly efficient operation by modulating compressor performance. The result is efficient and flexible operation with less power. Microprocessor controlled operation – The microprocessor control ensures that the temperature and humidity in the room are always comfortable. Wireless Remote Control – Panasonic’s infrared remote control with easy-to-read LCD display allows the user to set and set: temperature, sweep, fan speed, timer and more for full automatic operation. Blue Fin Condenser – Condenser are the life force of your A / C or heat pump and they work out in different conditions outside. The Blue Fin anti-rust coating extends the life of your condenser by protecting it from various outdoor corrosive elements. 5 Fan Speeds and Automatic Fan Operation – The convenient microprocessor control automatically adjusts the fan speed to High, Medium or Low. According to the room temperature, to ensure a pleasant air circulation in the room. Other Features and Benefits: Self-Diagnostic Function Sleep Mode Lock Control Mode Spin Control Fan Control Auto-Switch Heating and Cooling Hot Start Heating System 24 Hour Clock with ON / OFF Program Timer Auto Power Off Restart Low Ambient Cooling Electrical Expansion Valve R-410A Refrigerant Please note: Mini-split systems must Installed by a licensed contractor with an EPA Refrigerant Certification to qualify for the warranty. Which line kit do you need? This system uses (1) 1/4 “x 5/8” line sets. These are sold separately and you can choose from our 15 ft, 25 ft, 35 ft, 50 ft and 75 ft lengths. The required length depends on the requirements of your project and how to set up the system (distance from the outdoor condenser to the indoor air manifold). Can I install it myself? While the installation of a ductless split system is much simpler than a central air system, it is still far more advanced than installing a window unit or a portable system. In addition, the manufacturer’s warranty is valid only if a licensed professional performs the installation. Although it is possible to perform the installation yourself, we strongly recommend that you hire a HVAC specialist in your area. Is this covered by a guarantee? Yes, it is fully covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, and ComfortUp is an authorized online seller of these systems. Our Customer Care team will help you if you ever need to claim a warranty from the manufacturer. Please note that only systems installed by a licensed HVAC contractor are covered by the warranty. Proof of licensed installation is required. The receipt / invoice of your contractor should be sufficient. About Us About Us Payment Shipping Cancellations Returns About Us ComfortUp is a provider of high quality indoor and outdoor products ranging from cooling and heating systems and accessories to air quality products such as filters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, through to a range of products and services range allows for a more comfortable and energy efficient lifestyle. OUR HISTORY More than ever before, homeowners are interested in the comfort and quality of the air in their homes and green living. They want to be better informed about the cooling and heating equipment they depend on on a daily basis, and they are looking for products and services that help them better control their comfort. ComfortUp was founded to serve customers who want to improve their environment with the latest technology at reasonable prices. Our team strives to offer products that focus on the core values we believe in: ultimate living comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. From product selection to testing, everything is handpicked on ComfortUp with one goal in mind: improving the comfort and efficiency of your home. We are a passionate group of professionals who work hard and are proud to offer you and all our customers the utmost care. We look forward to making your home a comfortable place. Payment Payment Selecting Buy It Now or check out via the cart requires immediate payment. We only accept payments through PayPal accounts in the US. With PayPal you can pay with a standard credit card or a direct transfer from your bank accounts. Sign up for a PayPal account by visiting SALES TAX: We are required by law to charge VAT in countries and regions where we are physically present (Nexus). The applicable VAT amount for an order is calculated on the basis of the legal requirements of the country of dispatch and local sales tax. PROMOTION: Website discounts, coupons and gift certificates are not for use on eBay. CONTACT US: At Comfortup, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible online shopping experience. This includes a commitment to excellent customer service, even after your order has been delivered. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or inquiries about your order by sending us a message through the eBay messaging system. Our Customer Service Department will respond to eBay messages within 24 hours from Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm EST. Please send us a message with the following order numbers, so that we can process your inquiry more efficiently and faster: Subject eBay article number eg 12 digit numerical value eg) 123456789123 Your eBay buyer ID dispatch dispatch We strive to lead all articles so you look up online Warehouse and ready to ship. Under normal circumstances, we need 1-3 days to process your order. Once on a truck, it takes 1-5 days on freight for it to reach you. NOTE: Please provide your telephone number when checking out to support the freight / LTL carrier’s delivery efforts. All free shipping promotions are for delivery to home or business addresses in the 48 adjacent states. Freight LTL shipping currently does not include delivery within the delivery. We process and send orders from Monday to Friday. Orders placed by 12:00 EST, Monday through Friday, will normally ship within 1 to 2 business days. Articles ordered on weekends (Saturday or Sunday) begin processing and shipping on the following working day. Shipping times begin as soon as your order leaves our warehouse. We strongly recommend that you do not schedule the installation / replacement with your HVAC installer until you have received your product to avoid possible additional costs. Since the means of transport are not transported by our delivery vans, delays may occur in the shipment by the freight or the ground carrier, which unfortunately we can not control. Please note that it is imperative that we have your correct phone number and address in your order. The delivery driver calls you to coordinate the delivery. If they can not reach you, you may be subject to all relevant shipping costs.

ARRIVAL: Shipping transit times are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the delivery address. Once your order arrives: Please review each item on the pallet. Count the number of items (boxes) on the shipment. Make sure that your number matches the number on the remittance slip before signing your order. Missing or incorrect items noted on the delivery note must be reported by eBay within 24 hours of receiving your order by contacting our customer service. We reserve the right to refuse a claim for a missing product if it is not reported within the twenty-four time limit. Remove the wrapper or boxes and inspect each item of equipment thoroughly on the front of the driver. DO NOT sign the delivery note UNTIL YOU HAVE GENERALLY INSPECTED ANY ITEM. Check all equipment to make sure they are not dented or badly scratched. Are you careful to either mark the delivery receipt? Clear? Short?,? Wrap Broken? or? Damaged? after a thorough inspection of your shipment. (Whatever the case) Please note: The shipping of this device is done on pallets. Delivery is usually via 18-wheel truck and your items can be dropped off at / near your driveway or at the most convenient location for delivery drivers. If you have small gated areas or limited access points, please take all necessary precautions to transport your items to your ideal safe storage area. Drivers may or may not be able to assist with transport beyond the drop-off point. DELIVERY TERMS OF DELIVERY: If the number of items noted on the delivery note is the same as the one you received and none of the items was damaged, accept your delivery, sign and mark the Clear receipt. Please note: The recipient (the customer) is responsible for verifying and ensuring that the products received are free of damage and / or defect. If the items or boxes on the shipment do not match the number indicated on the delivery note, mark the “Short” document (a delivery note is attached to the freight shipment for reference). Note on the delivery note which items are missing. We will work with the forwarder to track the missing items. Please wait up to 7 business days for the forwarder to find your items. Please allow the forwarder the appropriate time to locate the missing items listed on the delivery note. If the carrier is unable to locate the missing items, we will ship those items to you free of charge via standard shipping, if the receipt is briefly noted and the missing parts are noted on the delivery note. If the shrink wrap is torn or replaced during shipment, mark the Wrap Broken slip. HOW DO I MOVE A DAMAGED SHIPPING? If any of the items are damaged, mark the receipt “Damaged” (write which items are damaged and describe the damage). Damaged equipment / defects that are not reported within the delivery period must be reported within 48 hours of delivery. Failure to report within that timeframe will reduce the chances we can take to repair the damaged or too short delivery. Just refuse the damaged items, store them and keep them in good condition, and make a note of the items refused to be returned on the delivery note. You must contact our customer service department via eBay messages to report which products have been rejected for damage and which products have been accepted at the time of delivery. After our shipping department has received a confirmation from the Freight LTL Company, we will promptly ship the replacement products to you. Cancellations: Cancellations Before Shipping You can cancel your order before shipping your purchase. To cancel your order, please cancel via your eBay account. * Please note that NO FEES will be charged if you cancel your order before shipment. AFTER SHIPPING If your order has been shipped but has not yet been delivered, you may ask a ComfortUp Customer Service representative to contact the carrier to stop the shipment and return the order to a ComfortUp warehouse. FEES Cancellations after the shipment of your order can be very costly due to multiple charges: (1) shipping costs for shipping to you (2) shipping costs for return to our warehouse and (3) subject to a 15% top up fee. When your order has been shipped and delivered, you are responsible for the above fees. * Items must be unused, in unopened boxes and we must be notified of the cancellation within 30 days of delivery. You, the customer, are responsible for these charges; You will be deducted from your refund. Please make sure that the product you order is the right product for your needs to avoid costly mistakes of the customer ordering a wrong product. If you have questions about choosing the appropriate equipment for your application, we recommend that you contact a local licensed HVAC / R contractor. Once the order is canceled, the item credit may take up to 30 business days to be returned to your credit card. Refund will be made only after confirmation of delivery and when all items are in good, resalable condition. NOTE: You must contact us to submit a lost cargo claim with the relevant sender. We recommend keeping your tracking number for at least three months after shipping your product. What to Expect: After setting up your return, your request will be processed with our Return Department. An RMA number will be sent to you via eBay message correspondence (usually within 3-5 business days) along with an address to which you return the product and instructions on how to properly package your return. Please make sure that your RMA number is clearly on the outside of your packaging and not on the product packaging. When the return arrives at our warehouse, it will be opened and inspected to ensure that the right products have been received and that everything is in a resalable condition with no marks on the packaging. Due to the inspection process and shipping times, you can spend up to 5 business days crediting your loan upon receipt of your return. If you return a product because we have made a mistake in your order, we will immediately send you the right item at no extra cost.




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