9000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner SEER 27 FUJITSU COOL & HEAT ~NEW~

9000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner SEER 27 FUJITSU COOL & HEAT ~NEW~ Mini Split Air Conditioner, Mini Split Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner without Air Distributor, Mini Split Airflow System 9000 BTU Ductless Split Air Conditioner AC & HEAT DC INVERTER Fujitsu 9000 BTU Heat Pump Wall mounted Single Zone (with remote control) HEATED

9000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner SEER 27 FUJITSU COOL & HEAT ~NEW~

Mini Split Air Conditioner, Mini Split Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner without Air Distributor, Mini Split Airflow System 9000 BTU Ductless Split Air Conditioner AC & HEAT DC INVERTER Fujitsu 9000 BTU Heat Pump Wall mounted Single Zone (with remote control) HEATED / DEHUMIDIFICATION / AIR CLEANING (Washable Filter) Model # AOU9RLS2 / ASU9RLS2 SEER 27.2 (This unit does not contain copper piping or piping) Fujitsu AOU9RLS2 Specifications: Cooling capacity BTU / h: 3,6000 – 9,000 Heating power BTU / h: 3,000 – 12,000 Cooling operating range, F: 14 – 115 Operating range Heating, F: 5 – 75 SEER: 27,2 EER Clg / Htg: 17,31 / 15 HSPF: 12 Supply voltage / Frequency / Phase: 208-230 / 60/1 Maximin Fuze Size (Amp): 15 Refrigerant piping Max Ht , Difference (ft.): 49 Refrigerant piping Max. Total length per (ft.): 66 Refrigerant piping Max. Combined total length (ft.): 66 Outflow steam line (OD) inches, Torch: 1/4 Suction (OD) Inches: 3/8 Refrigerant type : 410A Outdoor unit Noise level db (A) Heater Hi / Low: 48/49 Outdoor unit Weight (Lbs): 88 Outdoor unit Dimensions HxWxD (inches): 24-13 / 32 x 31-3 / 32 x 11-3 / 4 Fujitsu ASU9RLS2 Technical Data: Cooling capacity BTU / h: 3,600 – 9,000 BTU / h heating capacity: 3,000 – 12,000 Moisture removal pt / h: 2.8 Temperature adjustment range cooling, F: 64 – 90 Temperature adjustment range heating, F: 60 – 80 Drain pipe size, OD: 5/8 Power Supply Voltage / Frequency / Phase: 208-230 / 60/1 Electrical Connection, AWG: 14/3 with CFM Ground Hi / Med / Low / Quiet: 453/374/274/180 Sound Pressure Level db (Hi, Me, Lo, Qu): 46/41/33/24 Outflow Steam Line (OD) Inches: 1/4 Suction (OD) Inches: 3/8 Indoor Unit Weight (Lbs): 25 Indoor Unit Dimensions HxWxD (Inches): 11-5 / 8 x 31-3 / 32 x 8-15 / 32 Remote Control Type: Wireless (Optional Wired) Filter: Washable / Apple Catechin / Ion Fujitsu 9RLS2 HALCYON Wall Mounted Mini Split Single Zone Heat Pump 27.2 SEER – 9,000 BTU The Fujitsu 9RLS2 HALCYON Wall Mounted Mini Split Single Zone heat pump system is an all-in-one solution for a comfortable environment in any application.

It offers up to 9,000 BTU capacity. Fujitsu’s HFI Halcyon Systems is widely recognized in the United States by contractors, homeowners and HVAC specialists for ease of use, lifetime reliability and outstanding performance, resulting in an unbeatable value balance that makes the Fujitsu 9RLS2 one of the best heating and cooling solutions marketplace. With a variety of indoor unit styles and applications (wall, ceiling cassettes, recessed and floor mounted), Fujitsu Mini Splits are perfect for any home or office. Some typical applications for the Fujitsu 9RLS2 system are: Residential buildings (one- and two-family houses, townhouses, dormitories, small apartment buildings). Commercial (offices, shopping malls, restaurants, shopping malls). Institutional (hospitals, academics). Data centers, food processing areas, laboratories and many others. Quick and easy installation is an important consideration in new construction and more importantly in renovation applications. Fujitsu mini-split system installation procedures ensure minimal disruption to operations and activities in critical service applications. Fujitsu Mini Split indoor units can be practically installed anywhere: high on the wall to integrate into a room without taking up any space in the window. In the ceiling and completely out of sight. Low on the wall at floor level to be unremarkable in the room. Fujitsu 9RLS2 HALCYON Wall Mounted Mini Split Single Zone Heat Pump Features and Benefits: Auto switching. The operating mode is automatically adjusted to maintain the desired temperature. Sleep timer Gradually decreases the thermostat settings in heating mode and raises them during cooling operation. Swing operation. Automatically oscillating airflow direction fins for direct airflow. Mold-resistant filter. Fujitsu Indoor Unit air filter is resistant to mildew. Super quiet operation. The quiet mode of the indoor unit is characterized by a particularly quiet operation by reducing the air flow. Air cleaning mode. Quickly cleans the room environment. Inverter Driven Compressor – Maximizes energy savings by ensuring that only the energy needed to precisely cool or heat an area is consumed. You can enjoy fast cooling and heating and constant comfort throughout the year.

Fast installation – installation fast and easy, without major modification and conversion. Complete zone control – Realizes maximum control and energy efficiency by cooling and heating only the rooms used. Convenient Controllers – Fujitsu Electric offers a comprehensive remote control that controls temperature, fan speed and more. Choose from four modes: COOL, HEAT, AUTO and DRY. Easy Maintenance – With easy-to-access filters, little or no drainage channel, and easy cabling between the indoor and outdoor units, Fujitsu Mini Split Systems require minimal maintenance and provide extra comfort and convenience. Environmentally friendly refrigerant – Uses R410A, an environmentally friendly refrigerant. WARRANTY OF THE MANUFACTURER · 7 years on compressor and 5 years other parts. * The registration card will be sent in the package. This card should be filled by the HVAC technician (installer). Many customers called us and asked if they would install the device without the licensed AC company. Will your warranty be invalid? Answer to this question is yes. Unfortunately, no brand or manufacturer can take responsibility for the equipment if it has not been professionally installed. 9000 btu Split Air Conditioning 12000 btu Split Air Conditioning 18000 btu Split Air Conditioning 24000 btu Split Air Conditioning 30000 btu Split Air Conditioning 36000 btu Split Air Conditioning Single Zone Split Air Conditioning Dual Zone Split Air Conditioning Tri Zone Split Air Conditioning Quad Zone Split Air Conditioning Ceiling Air Conditioning Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioning PTAC / PTHP Air Conditioning Tankless Water Heater Central Air Conditioning Horizontal Package Units 2-Phase Package Unit Gas Oven Split System Portable Air Conditioner Evaporative Cooler >> GO BACK Shipping Details! How much does the shipping cost? Shipping costs are FREE for some items. Some products are not available and there may be a shipping fee depending on which item you buy. The shipping costs depend entirely on the weight of the product. How long does it take to receive your order? 2-5 business days depending on your geographical location from our warehouses. We usually process the shipment on the same day if the order is placed before 10:00 local time. Orders placed after 10:00 will be shipped the same or next day. Do we ship internationally? Yes, we’re doing that. We can now ship to any country with our affiliate program at www.myus.com. You can sign up for their services and buy all the products from us and they will be delivered to your doorstep. Visit their website for more information.

What is our delivery process? Your product will usually be shipped via UPS, FEDEX or USPS. 2-5 business days depending on your geographical location from our warehouses. We usually process the shipment on the same day if the order is placed before 10:00 local time. Orders placed after 10:00 will be shipped the same or next day. Can I have my product sent to me overnight? Yes, we can ship your shipment overnight, In case of an overnight delivery we will only ship to the billing address of your credit card. Please call to confirm if it is possible at your location. How can I track my order? We will email you your tracking number as soon as it’s sent, or you can log in to your account to verify it. Do we ship to all states in the US? We ship only in 48 states. We do not ship to Hawaii and Alaska. We do not ship to Canada, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and other countries. >> BACK Why buy from us? Buying products online is very difficult nowadays. It’s all about quality, features, reduced prices and then the most important thing is guarantee. There are a lot of companies that fly from the beginning every year and then disappear after 12 to 24 months. These are the people who go to factories, buy, repair, and resell returned / used or damaged products. That being said, buying from the right source is very important. It’s good to find good deals as long as it comes from a reliable company. Not only will Kingersons help with the warranty on our website for years to come, but it will also back it up with the lowest prices for brand-new items. We do not sell refurbished or used items, our products are stored directly in the warehouse. We have A + rating on the BBB website, which should also assure you of our reliability. Not only will you pay less at Kingersons, but you will have peace of mind that you have a company that will help with the warranty for years to come, unlike other companies that will leave you after a few months. Kingersons Inc. is one of the leading wholesalers in the US. We cover more than 10,000 products and services in over 80 different categories. In addition to detailed product reviews, Kingingsons Inc. not only helps you find the right product for your needs, but also assists you with our high quality customer service and unbeatable shipping speed. Quality is our ultimate goal. If a product does not meet our strict quality control standards, we will not sell it.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. It is our policy to do everything we can to make our customers happy. We strive for 100% satisfaction. Because your satisfaction is our top priority, we will do everything to make your experience with KINGERSONS positive. Kingersons Inc. helps people make informed purchasing decisions. It is the source of unbiased advice, personalized recommendations and comparative shopping. Products sold on our websites comply with the latest trends / requirements and prices are always 20-40% lower than what you would find at the store and other websites. Kingersons Inc. was founded with the mission to deliver high quality and cost effective products for you and your family. We are available from Monday to Friday from 9-5 in the sales office, but that does not stop us from answering your requests via email at weekends. We are wholesalers and distributors, we buy and sell in large quantities, thus saving the price of each product and passing it on to the customer. We are buying a huge volume and it is very likely that we will sell to large discounters in your area. Buying from Kingersons Inc. is as good as cutting out the middleman (the retailer) and buying directly from the source “US”. Please note: We do not sell or sell imitations, counterfeits or old items. The quality of our products matches what you find in department stores. The only knock you’ll get is our knock-out prices! We have done everything necessary to make your transaction on this website secure. >> BACK Q.What are mini-split air conditioners? A. Like the central air conditioners, mini-split air conditioners have two main components: an external compressor / condenser and a room air conditioner. A conduit containing the power cord, refrigerant hoses, exhaust pipes and a steam trap connects the outdoor and indoor units through a small hole (typically 3 inches) drilled into the wall of the building. The main advantages of split air conditioners are their small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms. Some split air conditioners may have up to four room air handling units (for four zones or rooms) connected to an outdoor unit. The number depends on how much heating or cooling is needed for the building or for each zone (which also depends on how well the building is insulated). Since each of the split climate zones / rooms has its own thermostat, you only have to condition this area when someone is present, which saves energy and money. If you are in an office building on a higher floor, you can also install Outside

Compressor with our wall bracket. Q. Is this something that I could install myself? A. YES and NO. It depends on whether you are technically good. You can not or you can not do it. Some people do home improvement work on the indoor and outdoor unit and pay a small amount to an electrician to hard-wire the outdoor unit and pay HVAC professionals to drain the pipes before the coolant is released. Some people choose to do everything with their own experiences. The manufacturer recommends having it installed by an HVAC specialist. Each of your local professional air conditioning company should be able to install it easily for a few hundred dollars. It pays to spend this money first, so you can install it professionally and enjoy the benefits of the energy-efficient Mini-Split AC for the coming year. But how easy are the units to install? To ensure easy installation and trouble-free operation, we recommend having the unit installed by a professional HVAC installer. Q. How loud are the units? A. WHISPER QUIET OPERATION is one of the many reasons why they are very popular. The indoor units are usually no louder than a normal domestic fan, but since they make some noise, their location should be considered. Question: How does it work? A. Ductless Split system uses a high-quality compressor and environmentally friendly “green” refrigerant to cool your home, and innovative heat pump technology to keep your interiors warm in cold weather. The virtually silent operation is made possible by installing the compressor outside your home or office. The air lifting unit (AC indoor unit) in your home is designed for ideal air conditioning so you can cool, heat or dehumidify your interiors. You can conveniently adjust the fan speed, airflow direction and oscillating vanes remotely, or simply set the 24-hour timer for maintenance-free operation. Q. What will it look like in my home or office? A. It’s an amenity designed to blend in with your home and office interior.

These powerful, high-quality devices are offered in three beautiful designs. Unlike yesterday’s window air conditioners, the Ductless Split AC is mounted high on walls, not in windows, preserving your exterior views for everyone. Click here to see some examples. Q. How much do you have to run? A. These energy-efficient units provide local cooling and heating to specific parts of your home or office rather than cooling or heating other areas that are not occupied. This localized climate control allows you to lower your energy costs. SEER ratings we have are the best standard in the industry and mini split ACs are the most energy efficient ACs you can ever find. Q. Can I place the device in a basement, loft, garage, office building? A. deepening in different situations. The ductless split can be easily installed anywhere. In all cases, the drainpipe is inclined outwards. In some cases, a condensate pump may be required. Q. Can not install the compressor on the floor or in the garden instead of installing the compressor on the roof? Can the connecting cables go up to the roof and go down instead? A. Absolutely yes. You can install the compressor on the roof or on the floor, would make no difference. That’s why mini-splits are so handy for installations. Check the installation diagram below. Q. What is the working range of ductile split units? A. The units are designed for operating temperatures between 0-109 ° F or more, depending on the features you receive. Q. Can this be installed by a person who is a certified electrician? A. If you decide to install it yourself, you will need a vacuum cleaner to charge the lines. They assume that the pipes have to be filled with refrigerant and that they have to be correctly set up by a qualified air conditioning engineer. YES. YOU NEED A SET FOR R410A AND A VACUUM OR ONLY CONTACT WITH A HVAC QUALIFIED SERVICE TECH AND PAY BETWEEN $ 150- $ 200 FOR A DEFINITIVE SET-UP AFTER INSTALLING THE DEVICE. Q. Do I have to use a vaccuum? A. Sucking the linen is essential in all weather conditions. The actual process is dehydration of the pipes with a vacuum pump. They take all the air and moisture out of the pipes. There will be moisture in every air at all times and it will get into all open lines. If you do not, the system may fail completely within weeks of operation. Q. If I want to operate the AC outdoors in cooling mode under 60 degrees, how can I do this without freezing the device? A. Usually, people use the heat mode below 60 degrees. This is only for people who want to turn cool mode on, even below 60 degrees, to keep some of their equipment cold in the wintertime. You can add low ambience functions to the outdoor unit so that it does not freeze in cooling mode below 60 degrees. Remember that the outdoor unit does not freeze in heating mode when the outside temperature is below 60 ° C. There are generic kits that can be picked up at local HVAC suppliers. They really need to be installed by qualified HVAC technicians. Supco is a brand of this kind of units. It is installed in the outdoor unit. It’s a board the size of a pack of cigarettes and requires some creativity to find a place to fit. It then has to be wired into the existing electronics of the unit. They vary from $ 125- $ 250 (could be slightly higher depending on where you buy it). Q. Can the indoor unit be installed in reverse? On a. Question: What is the problem with installing the indoor unit upside down? A. The unit would not drain properly and water would flow into the unit and short out the controls. Q. Why choose a mini split air conditioner? A. A mini split air conditioner is a cost effective alternative to the central air conditioning system. However, it is usually more expensive than a wall or window air conditioner and you will need a specialist to install it. Since the compressor is located outside the split air conditioning, it is very quiet and efficient. Since mini-splits have no channels, they avoid the energy losses that are connected to the lines of the central air circulation systems. Channel losses can account for more than 30% of room conditioning energy consumption, especially when the ducts are in an unconditioned room such as an attic. Mini-split air conditioners are also sometimes easier to install than other types of air conditioners. For example, the connection between the outdoor and indoor units generally requires only a three inch hole through a wall for the pipe. In addition, most manufacturers of this type of system can provide a variety of lengths of interconnect lines. If necessary, you can find the outdoor unit as far as 50 feet from the indoor evaporator. This makes it possible to cool rooms at the front of a building or house with the compressor at a more favorable or unobtrusive location on the outside of the building. Compared to other mounted systems, split air conditioners offer more flexibility in interior design. The internal air lifting devices can be suspended from a ceiling, flush mounted in a suspended ceiling or hung on a wall. Stand models are also available. Most indoor units have profiles of about seven inches deep and are usually equipped with sleek, high-tech jackets. Q. Is this something that I could install myself? A. YES AND NO. If you are not sure what you are doing, you will end up installing it incorrectly and thereby lose the warranty. Q. Does this work like a regular air conditioner with a thermostat? A. THERMOSTAT IS ONLY THE CONVENTIONAL WALL THERMOSTAT WHICH IS SWITCHED ON FOR COOLING AND HEATING. For example, if you set the temperature for the room to 70 degrees in AC mode, the compressor will run outside and then turn off when the room is 70 degrees, but the indoor unit will continue to circulate and air clean. For example, as soon as the temperature of the room jumps to 75 degrees, the compressor switches on again outside and brings the temperature in the room down to 70 degrees. The only time it turns off is when you turn it off or set it to a timer setting. Q. Is a metal or plastic enclosure outside the Ductles Split unit? A. Metal case vibrates as plastic and makes a buzz. It is made of galvanized painted metal. ALL SPLIT CAPACITORS ARE 100% WEATHERPROOF. RAIN, SUN AND SNOW IS NOT REQUIRED. Q. Can the distance between indoor and outdoor be more than 25 feet? A. 1. Is it okay to extend it up to 90 ft? YES IT IS. 2. What kind of pipe extensions or which quality do I need? Solder either the new copper wires or illuminate with a coupling. 3. Where can I get this quality? Home Depot? YES, house depot or any plumbing needs business. Question: What are the copper pipe diameters for all ductile split units? A. They vary, but mostly 1/4 and 1/2 TUBING for 9K & 12K units 3/8 and 5/8 TUBING for 18K & 24K units. Q. Where on the wall should I install the indoor unit and how high? A. 4 “FROM THE TOP OF THE AIR HANDLER INTERIOR AND CEILING IS REQUIRED Q. What if I want to have the indoor unit installed at a height of 6 feet? A. IF YOU HAVE NO CHOICE AND YOU WANT TO MOUNT LOWER, WILL ECONOMICALLY LOW AND DOES NOT COOL COLD AIRFLOWS AND WARM AIR HAZARDS.The higher the indoor unit, the better it will cool the roof F. Can I install indoor unit 2 ft above the floor? A. Not recommended, but may work fine. FLOOR MOUNT WILL NOT IN MINI SPLITS RECOMMENDED, but you can instead buy a PTAC for such an application Q. Do these Ductles Mini Splits have air purifying capabilities? Air Filters? A. Yes. Cold Air Filters F. Are there any controls on the indoor unit itself or just on a remote A. ONLY ON REMOTE CONTROL F. Can the outdoor unit be in a straight line with the indoor unit? A. The straight line between the condenser and the ventilation duct is OK, and the measuring lead would be at Duct1 to propose split units? A. They vary. But especially for a 24,000 BTU unit is needed for a 20 amp breaker, which requires 12 gauge wire at 25 ‘(distance between outdoor unit and the circuit breaker). The 18,000 BTU unit is designed for a 15 amp circuit breaker, which includes 14 gauge wire 25 ‘(distance between outdoor unit and circuit breaker) 12,000 BTU units are designed for a 20 A circuit breaker requiring 12 – core cable at 25’ (distance between outdoor unit and circuit breaker). The 9,000 BTU device is designed for a 15 A circuit breaker between outdoor unit and circuit breaker). Question: Is there only one copper pipe or two? A. 2 copper pipes. Q. Is the drain pipe a flexible tube or a solid PVC on ductile split units? A. It is flexible. Q. Does the power supply for both indoor and outdoor units need to be individually configured? A. POWER ONLY FOR EXTERNAL UNIT CONDENSER, AS IF IT FALLS IN THE INTERIOR UNIT. Q. What breakers are required for ductile split units? A. They vary, but most commonly a 24,000 BTU unit is designed for a 20A circuit breaker that requires 12A wire at 25 ‘(distance between outdoor unit and circuit breaker). The 18,000 BTU unit is designed for a 15A circuit breaker 14 gauge wire at 25 ‘(distance between outdoor unit and circuit breaker) The 12,000 BTU unit is designed for a 20A circuit breaker connected at 25’ wire Required with 12 gauge (space between outdoor unit and circuit breaker) for a 15 amp circuit breaker requiring a 14 gauge wire at 25 ‘(distance between outdoor unit and circuit breaker). PLEASE CHECK THE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR ACCURATE INSTALLATION. >> BACK Returns and cancellations Quality is our ultimate goal. If a product does not meet our strict quality control standards, we will not sell it. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. It is our policy to do everything we can to make our customers happy. We strive for 100% satisfaction. Because your satisfaction is our top priority, we will do everything to make your experience with KINGERSONS positive. But thousands of units sold each year may cause the product you received to be damaged or broken. We have the following guidelines for such situations: – DAMAGED / DEFECTIVE REPLACEMENT If the device (any product) is defective, we will gladly replace it or send in parts for repair. If the device is delivered damaged, we will pick it up and send a new replacement at our expense. You will not pay a single cent. The exchange is made only with the same model. When customers upgrade or downgrade to a different model, we treat it as a return and new order. RETURN If the customer does not wish to exchange and wants to return it instead and wants a refund, the customer is responsible for returning the unit to our warehouse at its own expense; Upgrading fee of 19% applies regardless of whether it is damaged / defective and the original shipping fee is not refundable. As a rule, there should be no reason for a return. If there is a problem with the product, we will replace it with a BRAND NEW product at no extra cost to you. Once the Product (s) have been shipped, all rejected packages will be considered returns and the Return Policy will apply at the time of the refund. * The shipping for portable AC’s is $ 69- $ 89 per unit, depending on which portable AC you buy and the shipping and handling for a mini split ac is $ 160- $ 450 / unit, depending on which package You buy. Shipping costs for air coolers is $ 35 / piece. Shipping and processing of fragrances costs $ 5.99 / piece. This shipping fee will be deducted from the refund if you decide to return, even if the product was sold with a FREE shipping promotion. * All returns and replacements must be requested within 15 days of receipt of the product. * Since we can not register any claims after 15 days with the shipping company. If you wish to return the product for any reason, you should request an RA number (Return Number). For complete return instructions, contact our support office. CANCELLATIONS If you have placed the order and wanted to cancel the order BEFORE SHIPPING, we will cancel your order and a cancellation fee of $ 15.99 will be charged and 3% credit card processing fees will not be refunded. Please make sure you call us within hours of ordering. We ship the goods on the same or the next working day. We can not process cancellations after the product has been shipped. It will instead be considered a return once the product has been shipped and you have to pay the return shipping cost. If delivery of the shipment is denied, the same return policies apply. Once the item has been shipped, the shipping company will not refund the shipping fee and will charge us for shipping both ways, this will not be refunded if canceled after shipment of the product and 19% topping up fee will continue to apply. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We truly value your business and continue to do our best to earn your trust in every transaction. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with all your purchases. Should any of the rare complications occur, we will treat them for your best interest and satisfaction. * All returns and replacements must be requested within 15 days of receipt of the product. * If you wish to return the product for any reason, you should request an RA # (Return Authorization Number). For complete returns instructions (if required) contact our office.

WARRANTY Kinggersons Store Warranty: If anything is defective or damaged upon delivery contact Kinggersons within 15 days. Kingersons will provide free replacement at this time. After the first 30 days, your Kingersons parts and compressor warranty will be transferred to the manufacturer. Warranty: Once the warranty has been transferred to the manufacturer, you will receive a toll-free number for your technical support for any assistance you may require in the future with the product. At Air Conditoners you get five years of compressor and one year spare parts. Warehouse locations: New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Missouri, Georgia, Texas, Arizona and Canada. All 100% authentic brand new products in God we trust the lowest price guaranteed! If we can not beat the price, we will give you a product for FREE !!! Mini split air conditioning, split air conditioning, air conditioning without cable, mini split system without air conditioning


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